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In-Centre Forklift Training for Beginners

For your convenience, ACE offers beginner forklift training as well as a wide range of other available courses that can be attended at our specially designed center at ACE’s Padstow location. These brand new facilities have cemented ACE’s reputation as a high-quality institution for workplace training for employees in the logistics industry. The school has three classrooms (including a First Aid classroom) and a practical area with two forklifts, one high-reach and one order picker for student use.

The staff at ACE are dedicated to your success, working alongside you every step of the way to ensure that you are confident in your knowledge and practical skills to achieve your qualifications to further your career. With trainers boasting a 96% first-time pass rate for their students, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when taking a course at ACE.
You can find ACE Forklift Training at 66 Bryant Street, Padstow, or contact us here.


On-Site Beginner Forklift Training

ACE Forklift Training not only provides beginner forklift training at our Padstow training centre, but can also send our highly skilled trainers and assessors to your company’s location, at your company’s discretion. ACE will provide your employees with the practical skills required to further themselves in their career in the familiar environment of the workplace. With an exceptionally high first-time pass rate of 96% for the Forklift Licence, the On-Site Forklift Training is a valuable investment in education for the workplace. Our on-site beginner forklift training courses are 3 day courses and require a minimum of 4 staff members to attend the course. Onsite assessments are held between 1–7 days after training is complete.


Price List

Beginner’s 2-Day Training Minimum cost:

  • Local Areas – 5 students: $550 per person
  • Local Areas – 6+ students: $500 per person
  • Greater Sydney (200km+ outside CBD) minimum 5 students:
    $650 per person
  • Greater Sydney (200km+ outside CBD) 5 students: $650 per person
  • Greater Sydney (200km+ outside CBD) 6+ students: $600 per person

Assessor Comes in 1 – 7 days after training.

Assessment Extras Verbal Assessment (one-on-one with assessor): $100 Re-assessment If Fail Assessment

  • Theory only: $100
  • Practical only: $100
  • Theory and Practical: $150