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ACE Forklift Training Courses

Ace Forklift Assessing has now relocated to 8 Nelson Avenue Padstow 2211.

ACE Forklift Training and Assessing pride themselves on their dynamic and interactive Forklift Courses. Specifically tailored to meet individual and industry needs, you can rest assured you’ll be able to find the right package for you or your employees. Enroll in our Forklift Training Courses at a day and time that suits you – choose from the following:

Forklift Course Specials

Below you will find information on our specials when booking at our training facility at 8 Nelson Avenue Padstow 2211.

Spring Specials (valid between 1st September – 31st October 2020 only)

LF/LO 4 day package deal $600.00 per person (normally $900.00 p/p)

Beginner 2 day forklift training & assessment $300.00 per person (normally $450.00 p/p)
Experienced 1 day forklift training + assessment $300.00 per person (normally $425.00 p/p)

Order Picker (LO) 2 day training + assessment $300.00 per person (normally $450.00 p/p)

Night forklift course open by demand for minimum 5 people $400.00 per person (normally $450.00 p/p)

Train now pay later option $400.00 per person (normally $450.00 p/p) terms and conditions apply.

3 DAY LO/LF package deal $500.00 per person (normally $900.00 p/p) is back for a limited time only and will be available every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when booking in for the month of November.

“Terms and conditions apply. Payment due to be finalised prior to date of attendance.

COVID-19 Updates

We will still be open during COVID-19 offer electronic courses. Keep a lookout for our promotional deals over the next few months as we will be updating them regularly as more news is released about the status of COVID-19 here in Sydney. Our training unit is an open-air warehouse with no air conditioning. More information can be found on the COVID-19 updates here.

Ace Forklift Assessing have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place along with new policies and procedures.

On-Site and In-Centre Forklift Training Courses

ACE holds in-centre Forklift Courses every day of the week at our state-of-the-art Training Facility in Padstow. If that’s a little far for your business, we also accommodate on-site Forklift Training courses at your premises! ACE training providers frequently visit the following locations to deliver tailored Forklift Training courses to four or more staff:

Verification of Competency (VOC)

Some large companies are now requesting a Verification of Competency (VOC). If the training has been done recently and by a reputable organisation, this should not be necessary. However, a lot of contractors are now finding this to be another hurdle they need to jump over. Be careful who you use for this service. Some VOCs issued end up being fraudulent documents that cannot be used in the workplace. Check the qualifications of the people who are actually issuing the VOC and that it is not just a tick and flick to issue it. The VOC should ensure that the worker has been given adequate instruction and training, having regard to:

  • The nature of the work carried out by the worker
  • The nature of the risks associated with the work at the time of the information, training and instruction, and the control measures implemented
  • Information, training and instruction is provided in a way that is readily understandable by any person to whom it is provided
  • Whether it can also be contextualised for the company’s needs.

Once training is successfully completed, a Statement of Attainment or licence is issued. There is no set expiry date for a VOC certificate. The length of time that the VOC is valid for largely depends on the requirements of the company requesting them.

Ace Forklift Assessing is now offering training on-site for specific forklift attachments. These include the rotating drum clamps, jib attachments and carpet spikes. Other specified attachment training is also available for training on-site.

This is on-site training only. No attachment training is available at the Padstow training unit

Courses require a minimum of 5 staff to attend.

The average course time is 3 hours, however this can vary depending on independent clients training requirements. All participants must hold a valid forklift licence and will be required to providence evidence of licence at commencement of training.

Ring or email our office for cost and further information.

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